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I have been totally out of touch with Paris Fashion week.
A few of my more dedicated friends have filled me in bits and pieces and I am totally grateful since I am more often than not too lazy to browse the shows myself.
2 shows that Bowen had pointed me to were Rick Owens (of course!) and Kris Van Assche (Surprisingly good!). Bowen and I both love Rick Owens, and this collection is no different, he works the black minimal aesthetic really well, although we both agree... it would be nice to see him introduce some richer dark colours in his new collections. To the naked eye, the collection might just look very black and more black. On a closer inspection though, you will notice all the Rick Owen signature goodness are in the details, I can't really explain to someone who has not seen his stuff in person. It is simply beautiful and easy to wear, the layering possibilities are always exciting too with his jackets and tops. The boots are also very simple but so beautiful in a minimal aesthetic.

photos by Marcio Madeira for Men.style.com

Kris Van Asshe was a real surprise, I am normally not a fan of his stuff. This collection however feels a lot stronger in shape and mood that is appealing to me. It is for a start way less feminine and refined, the materials are still very Kris Van Assche but I think the application is just turned a tad more masculine which is cool because it looks more versatile and girls could probably rock some of this collection too. Just like Hedi Slimane's Dior Homme shilouette was appearing to certain females who liked sharp lines and strong shilouettes.
Things that I really liked with this collection were the boots, black, big and loose - hell yes! So easy to wear. Also the proportion of the looks are well mixed, the pants are not all overly skinny which is refreshing for his look, I like the relaxed mood of the whole presentation, I could probably wear a bit of everything he has made for this show if I had more than enough cash flying around but since I got to be selective, the looks below is probably what I would buy if I see it in person....so until my trip to HK and NY in Sept... I will need to be sensible with my savings.

photos by Marcio Madeira for Men.style.com

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