E L L E R Y on DAZED digital

I first met Kym at Nadia's birthday that was about a year or so ago now I think.
I had no idea who she was at the time... we were all too busy waiting for our burritos and nachos.
We got chatting, she complimented on my shoes and I asked what did she do, she said something about fashion... I didn't think too much about it by then we were all so full of food.

From the first impression, I knew she was nice but when I learnt that she was the markets editor of Russh then subsequently launched her own label, it was quite a reality check.
She is doing amazingly well from what I have seen lately, the latest collection has received a lot of acclaim and now she has been featured on a recent interview @ Dazed Digital!!!
It is a really nice interview and she is totally an inspiration for other Australian creatives I am sure =)

If you like ELLERY - you can find out more the label HERE.

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