Todd James @ Monster Children

Image by Todd James.

I should have blogged about this a few weeks back but with the severe lack of time and terrible track of time, this has somehow slipped my mind.....so here is the story.
I went to the Opening at Monster Children for Todd James' solo show.
You should go check it out, if you are a fan of 90s Graffiti, Todd is better known as REAS (the interview was conducted by Joe Allen - Monster Children's very own curator) in the graffiti world.

Todd's show was quite refreshing (at least for me), the works had a child like quality on first inspection but once you go deeper in the pieces' details, you will uncover a sense of political satire with some pretty strong references, presumably about the current global state and the influence of the Bush administration. Thus the show is aptly titled "Unnatural Disasters", it is all very humorous really with a serious message of course.

The style of his work is very unique, I haven't come across this minimal brush stroke cartoon style in a long time so it was good to see it again. I can't wait to get to New York to see more galleries with artists that I don't know about!

Todd James's Unnatural Disaster solo show is held at the MONSTER CHILDREN gallery 16th Jan - 19th Feb. For more info - check out the Monster Children website!

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