Mmmm Double Tongue = Arbito x Nike Snowboarding Heaven

I have really been drawn to chunky sneakers at the moment
Although these shoes are definitely not made for day to day wear, I still really admire the aesthetics Nike had adopted for the next gen of snowboarding gear.
In fact snowboarding threads are so well designed now, if it wasn't for the weather impracticality. I would definitely buy some and wear it quite proudly.

Check out a video clip produced for Nike Snowboarding promoting the new double tongued boot by Arbito aka Danny Kass. It is a pretty funny and original way to promote the idea of a double tongue boot via kitschy art direction. The artwork in the clip is by Arbito, it is so cute but trippy with a very complimentary soundtrack. The moral of the clip - Eating a bad hotdog and you get a sweet ass mind trip. so rad so Nike! O & of course there are subtle glimpses of the Nike shoes through out the clip =)

source: via High Snobiety

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