Back in town

I am back and feeling as Fresh as Daisies!

Photo by Bowen Paul Arico.

The first weekend back in Sydney was pretty gnarly
Maybe it was the water or the sun out in the coast but everything in Sydney just seems to be way hectic. I have to admit, I did miss my friends and having heard some pretty rad parties over new years, it sure gave me some mixed feelings or at least wanting to get the power of teleportation even more so I can party hop effortless and without the help of cabs!

Anyway the next best thing for me was going to the first No Answer of the year, it was actually pretty sensible but understandable considering most people I know have been partying for 5 days straight and going into No answer would be quite a task. Anyway for those who did turn up, I was very stoked to see them and all hanging out.

It is good to be back, at least to be chilling with some familiar faces x

It was also Rebecca's last weekend in Sydney before she ventures out to conquer the Modelling sphere of Japan.
She is going to be everywhere, I am pretty sure the designers will dig her look when she gets the wheel in motion.

Radge is just full of love.

The girls - Saz, Bel, Emma and Jessie. Always fun to hang out with!

I love these kids too. Jo forever so colorful. Bowen the photographer extraordinaire and Kate is just rad.

Cam looks like a Margiela model.

The always inspiring muse - Cody Bayliss.

Max is just magical.

Yonah and Lu are as sweet as bubblegum.

Sirens DJ and Bec.

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