Inside the mind of a Legendary NYC writer

I have known about the IRAK crew for a while now from hanging out with the graff buddies of mine.
From what they tell me, they are bunch of heavy hitting writers who were quite infamous roaming the NYC streets circa 90s. Earsnot was one of the earliest members, the last thing I had read about him was in a Dash snow feature on NYmag a while ago too, so like all things that I have an interest in... over time it somehow finds me again.

I just stumbled upon this video while scanning through my feeds on Googlereader. It was a pleasant surprise and it certainly gave me a better idea of what Earsnot is about, from a teenage runway to graffiti icon to now a graphic designer.
IN the video he shares his view on creative and lifestyle philosophy, and what motivates him to do what he creates.

If you like Graffiti culture and interesting characters too.... you need to check out the video!

earsnot from THE FEAR on Vimeo.

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