The Intormers

O Hell YES! I cannot wait to see this!
I am so excited for this film to come out.
I first read about it thru the Pedestrian guys.
I love Brett Easton Ellis, there is something intoxicating and engaging about his characters.
It feels like a lethal cocktail and a perpetual mess that you will be dragged through but yet you can't help but feel some sort of compassion for his obscure ways of making sense of human fragility or the idea of reality we all share to some form.

Anyway this film looks like a pretty promising adoption of his work.
I am a big fan of his writing so I will definitely pay to see this and O man look at the cast, it is going to be pretty sweet even if the screenplay has been screwed around to make it Hollywood friendly.

I hope they will retain the Easton Ellis like all good words should deserve while transformed as a motion picture. x

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