Are there just way too many parties happening in Sydney?
It is certainly a challenge for promoters and I can only party hop so much in a night.
I wonder what it would be like if good promoters just joined forces and threw mega bashes instead of weekly gigs...to avoid fighting over the same crowds - perhaps when Darwin meant survival of the fittest. It also holds true for the club promoters?

The girls from HOOPS threw a party.....
Friends of mine asked me to come check it out
So I took a few photos for the girls to keep as memories

The LAYD gang got invited invited to DJ at Crooked kids @ Le Panic
It was a very strange experience.. I have never been in that club before.
I was with Sweetie and we were welcomed with some trashy electro blasting into our faces as we entered, which confirms why I have never been to this club
I was excited to see LAYD DJ though... it has been a while especially after Japan and all the shows they played before that.
Sadly the promoters at the club were not happy with the LAYD song choices - so their set was inevitably cut short to like 20mins play time but they got paid in FULL which was rad and we bounced to see HOOPS play!

I had to make one last stop to Phoenix before home
My friends @ DISCO Punx were throwing a party
I heard it was absolutely packed at around 1 but it was a bummer I missed that set
It was still a good vibe when I got there or maybe it was just the good ol' Phoenix charm.


Puff puff is another Birthday

Oxford Art Factory turns 1!

I didn't really feel like taking photos but whatever...
Here's a few photos from the night.

Heather & Sam from The Jezabels.

Yves Klein Blue - another great band on the night.


Flying to Japan

It has been a super busy week...since my freelance work has kicked off with loads of projects to be completed over the next 4 weeks.
These photos were taken last Thursday before Chris and Tavis from Flying Foxes flew over to Japan for a few weeks.

It was the first time I had seem the boys since my return from Japan... It was a sweet show and what I had planned as a modest evening turned out to be a very loose night ending at Health Club.

Which should explain why I have been delaying my updates on here.
For those we don't know....I have also began to do some real thinking work this week to make some cashola to further my side projects. More on the projects soon - so stay tune!


Hanging out

Just a few photos from a chilled out Wednesday. Luck the sun was out - It actually felt more like Spring during the day.

These New Puritans in Sydney

It was a school night...
But I really wanted to come out to see These New Puritans.
If I had more time I would have extended my stay to see them at the Summer Sonic Festival.
Unfortunately the reality of my deflating bank balance meant I had to come home.
Luckily the good chaps at Pop Frenzy had promoted the tour for the band, so I was in luck!

I first discovered them through Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme Circa 07.
It was a glorious soundtrack to yet another brilliant collection by Slimane.

These New Puritans were as amazing as I thought they would be.
They are young & full of energy.
The show was full of red lights and I guess it was appropriate for the dramatic effect
Having said that the photo taking became a lot trickier.

The Lost Valentino
were equally exciting for me to see on stage.
I haven't seen the boys perform in ages
For the past 6 weeks I have been eager to hear the progress they have made on their new album.
Judging from what I saw on stage - It should be a real banging record.