Nick and Sweetie, Lions at your door  2010.

lions at your door @the Annandale supporting Kid Confucius's final show last Saturday.
I haven't seen such a tight show from all the bands in such a long time. 

The night was finished off with an exceptionally entertaining set by the guys in Kid Confucius. 
It was almost too emotional to see them bow and farewell the fans after their epic 90min set. 

Embrace the Chaos
Video Works By Romain Gavras 

"I don't believe in anything. I am just here for the Violence" 

This is a quote from a Banksy poster print for an anti war demonstration. 
I just discovered this 2007 article from the NEW YORKER feature on Banksy. 
Interesting trivia facts about the artist for anyone who is interested in his work and philosophies.


mother theresa by bao xei (from the show ecstacy of bao xei)

I LOVE ASS (best acronym ever)


kevin cummins x joy division

beautiful decay leads to beautiful things

Painting by Jose Parla, one of my favourite Brooklyn Artist.


A great in depth interview with Jeffrey Deitch by Carlo McCormick 
You can listen to the full interview on the BAD AT SPORTS Blog

I highly recommended this interview for all art lovers 
Enjoy x


Ever since I watched "This is England" a few weeks ago.
I have been very attached to the history of skins - short for skinheads.
The common perception of the cultural movement has largely been stigmatised to racism but I am glad with a bit more research I had came across this documentary produced in 95' entitled "World of Skinheads

For anyone who is curious about the origins of skins, it is definitely worthwhile and the insights from the film will definitely surprise and educate you.


Alexander Kostinskyi. 

Chris Duncan does great shapes.
I really like this piece, it is simply excellent.

I watched this documentary "B.I.K.E" a few weeks ago.
It is excellent and filled with interesting characters who all share a love for Bikes.
You should check it out if you have an interest in sociology and contemporary bike culture. 

This film gives you a gritty and visually arresting insight into the inner workings of the brooklyn chapter of the black label bike club. 

this is the heaviest docoumentary i have seen to date
I am really intrigued by drug films but this one is just maybe a little too revealing
dope sick love
no narration, just a camera, 2 couples filmed over the course of 18 months.
watch the preview of the characters if you are curious like me and feel slightly daring. 

it is a life changing documentary.


You have to have quite a lot of friends and even more acquaintances before it becomes acceptable to say you are lonely. - alain de botton.


jeremy geddes is an incredible painter, I came across his works a few years back
you might like his works too, he does beautiful shading and the subject matter is always a little unusual at first glance but always stunning in composition. 

jeremy geddes

Oil on Board 

My friend Ben Ong will be having his solo exhibition at the Tim Olsen Gallery on May 5th 2010.
You should come check out the prints and get a drink. 


jack white, the dead weather. Enmore Theatre, 2010.


The bottom line is that any note can create music. It is only a matter of taste. - Hedi Slimane


Finally I have updated to a new website format. http://jefske.com is live and updated from recent works and older series revisited and presented in a cleaner layout.

The site relaunch was not without technical struggles....
Luckily Zac was able to debug my files so I could install the new app to make this site live.
Hope you will all enjoy the new photos.