Synchronised dance moves is the future

Synchronicity is the key to a captivating audience!

I went to see Metronomy and Pivot last Thursday at the Beck's festival bar.

It was a really good night, Pivot was supporting along with Totally Michael who was super entertaining and full of energy - perfect to jazz up the crowd for an early slot. I thought he did a superb job to put everyone in a jolly party mode which was awesome.

Pivot as usual blew my mind, I swear Warp records is just full of amazing talent, Battles whom I saw last year at Beck's bar as well were also mesmerizing. Both bands have this amazing power of producing sounds that has the power to arrest and paralyze an audience.... at least thats how I felt in the crowds, it is not really a band for stage antics or sweat stricken photography, it was just a bit of a magical show with really good music by 3 humble guys.

Metronomy, I did not know too much about apart from what I had read on blogs and downloaded a few remixes here and there. My friends over in Japan told me to prepare some awesomeness on stage, they were certainly not wrong, the synchronicity in their dance moves have never been more apt for the songs they played. It was a pure delight to watch and everyone was just filled with joy to their silly moves, it was such a good night.

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