Coast Life for NYE

Happppppy New Year Kids!

Counting down to 2009 @ Wembi.

I can't believe the new year has started.
2008 was a bit of a blur but it has been an amazing year, so many good things have happened and I am totally stoked for the next 12 months ahead....
To recharge my batteries, I decided to miss the Sydney parties to go for a short drive to the Central coast for some chill time with a few high school mates and their buddies.

A change of scenery can be metaphorically appropriate for beginning a new year right? Plus I am seriously trying hard to be as sober as possible.... and staying in Sydney would have just been impossible.

So I spent a few days swimming and chilling by the pool and beach, it was nice and I caked on the zinc over my sleeve to keep the colour fresh. I think I will make a custom sleeve to protect the ink though, Zinc just feels too thick.. sticky icky is not very nice

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