A small project

I have always wanted to learn new things.

Photo by TFATF

The last few months I have really wanted to make clothes for myself, primarily due to a lack of disposable income for my love of Dior Homme (frequent travels to HK is just not very feasible plus I don't really like Kris Van Assche's vision) and the departure of Hedi Slimane was heartbreaking but inspiring too.
Simple things often make me want to do something different, so by making clothes for myself first, I will probably have more things that I would actually like to wear. Then if my friends liked it, I would be happy to do some for them too. Quite a modest idea really.
I know it sounds pretty predictable or maybe it was just all the designers/labels that I admired have all started out on a similar tangent.

There is one difference with me though. My idea of clothes is just that, I wouldn't really call it fashion, they are just things that I like inspired by simple things like friends, music and visual ideas. I don't really like Fashion but I do like clothes and people who enjoy them, that sounds strange to some (I KNOW), probably because I didn't study fashion at school but I have always enjoyed clothes ever since I was a little boy not sure why exactly... I just always found it amusing like it was some kind of a puzzle. It wasn't until the last year of my uni degree that I had abandoned my prescribed textbooks to hang out at the library on my downtime to find new materials that interested me.... that was when I stumbled upon 20 years of i-D, after reading that book, I had gone onto reading a few designer biographies and other random books that made me curious about people and clothes.

Over the xmas period, a friend of mine and I decided to just make some stuff together. He had an graphic illustration background while I had a marketing one, he already made a few pieces for himself and mates with his dad's help sometimes when things get tricky (his dad is a tailor by trade).

We are both keen to experiment and learn how to make stuff along the way. It is pretty exciting, it is not a full time thing or anything, just something we both wanted to try and do. Last weekend, we made our FIRST sample piece, it is an Oversized singlet with a little pleat detailing (as worn above). It was pretty simple but really comfortable to wear.
We will be making more stuff over the next few weeks so keep an eye out =)

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