A small first feature

Oh some Internet Love for moi!

I recently got featured in Lovegeek's latest issue about people who have visited Japan. It is pretty rad, they used some of my photos from the Lions at your door tour and you can read the interview with me

I found Lovegeek through Klustermag.(I did my first photo assisting job for them for the Desert Rose story). I really enjoyed the other featured designers/artists on the Lovegeek Jap issue, it is really nice to hear how the other people work and learn a little something about them. Check out the whole "WE LIVE IN THE FUTURE" issue HERE! Hopefully you will enjoy reading about the issue too.

Oh oh also
To coincide with the Japanese edition of lovegeek, they are also selling limited edition postcard prints to raise money and awareness of the homeless issue in Nishinari-Ku and greater Osaka. For a small fee Lovegeek will send you off a pack of 4 cute postcards to send to your friends and family, with ALL the proceeds donated to The Big Issue Japan Foundation.They are really really cute cards and totally for a good cause so open your hearts and wallets to make Japan a even more lovely place for good people to help the not so fortunate. xx

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