Bloods and Crips: Made in America Trailer @Youtube.

This documentary will change your mind about what Bloods and Crips is all about.
I found the history of the people involved with the gangs the most interesting and how it has evolved from various events today
You can be fearful but empathetic about what the people who grow up around these 2 gangs have gone through.... this war is probably not going to stop anytime soon, so you might as well get a perspective on the scenario.

You can stream the documentary @Mojvideo.

All additional info can be found on the Bloods and Crips Movie Website

I found the work by lucy and bart a while back browsing through various sites for references.
If you like something different with your designs, you will probably appreciate the interview by Dazed digital who had the pleasure of speaking to both Lucy and Bart about their ideas and how they got together.... all good insights to know if you are interested to see how these two operate.

You can see more of it on their blog.

I did a series of photos last year for the talented Nicola and Azzmin, the dynamic duo behind the new Sydney accessories label northnorthwest

The NNW website went live this week and it is looking sweet.
Keep an eye out for the online store soon.
I am a bit embarassed to admit, I have never watched The Godfather before.
The story is obviously legendary and I knew the premise of the film but was never interested enough to seek it out until I came across this Vanity Fair article written by Mark Segal.

The article is titled The Godfather war, the piece goes beyond the film, it chronicles how broke Mario Puzo was when he sold the rights of his story to the studios and how Coppola had envision the mob story to be a film that focus on the family struggles rather than mindless bloodsheds, he even used the story of the mob as a metaphor of the ruthless Corporate America. Segal just has loads of amazing trivia about the film!

I would strongly recommend you to read the article if you like me, have not seen the Godfather.
It should make you curious enough to go over the edge to the nearest video store to find a copy.
The Godfather Wars by Mark Segal.


I love this!
Kids x Photo essays = The Camera Project.
Nick Zinner, Horden Pavillion 2010.

The rest of the photos of the yeah yeah yeahs are now online at the Kluster Gallery.


I also went to Slow Blow last night.
It was a lot of fun when you know most of the people at the party
The bathrooms at GoodGod is still pretty nasty though, the good vibes somehow makes the nausea bearable when you really need to go to the bathroom - actually come to think of it, that is almost the same feeling to all the good club parties I have been to.

You can see more photos on my happy snaps blog.

Karen O, Horden Pavillion 2010.

Last night I got to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Horden Pavillion.
It was a great show as any fan of YYYs would expect.
There were about 20 other photographers in the pit.
Everyone was pretty civilised and I am pretty sure everyone would have taken some pretty great shots, Karen O & co can hardly go wrong.

More photos to come on
the Kluster Gallery soon!!!


I met the guys in These Are Powers while I was in NY.

They were really great, I think I saw them perform at one of the Under the tracks parties, it was my first weekend in town. I told them, I would love to do a shoot with them while I was in town.

It all happened in the last week of my stay and an afternoon of hanging out later, we took a few shots then got some beers, the band van broke down en route to a gig.

We took a detour to parkslope then drove out to the show in another car.
It was a pretty surreal day/night

This is the photo, they wanted to use to promote their soon to be released EP called "Candyman"

Keep an eye out for it on the interwebs.
I heard some samples, it is full of banging party jams!


I am was so excited to see the new teenagersintokyo video for their track peter pan shot in the UK by
Tim Brown & Jayne Helliwell

I found the video via the good kids @Backyard Records

Hope you enjoy the video.
So stoked things are starting to roll for the TEENS.


Last year, I got to see Animal Collective play at the Enmore

It was quite possibly the best live performance I had seen all year.
They are definitely one of the most exciting bands to watch on the blogosphere as well as on a stage if you ever get the chance, it is definitely worthwhile.

I wanted to try something different with the photos, the lighting was quite erratic but it suited their sound perfectly.
The show was just very very beautiful and memorable.

Happy 2010!

Currently intrigued by the works of Gianna Commito.
You can read an interview with her too, if you enjoy her works also.
I have been a bit pre-occupied with updating this space but I will try to share more of my loves here.