Yacht @Oxford Art Factory.
Photos will surface on Kluster real soon!

So last night I went to see Yacht with a few friends....Here is a short convo - after the gig.

a: u liked Yacht?

the GOOGLE MAP slide show was radddd

good use of tech

b: hey!


funnny huh

i saw them at meredith

set was exactly the same

but yeah

i really like claire

a: hahahh

oh balls, good set tho

they were really good together

good vibe

what was the crowd like at meredith?

b: 45 % average bro

30% cyber feral

10% hipster

%5 families

%10 westy bros

a: haha good breakdown


Mark Gonzales is extraordinarily gifted as an artist and skater. His contribution to the skating world is really hard to articulate. I had totally not realised how forward thinking his technical ability and style was when he was captured on classic skate films.

I was watching the dew tour 09 yesterday... thinking to myself "yeah i have seen most of these tricks before" and the street course has been better designed over the years but I still prefer to watch skating on the street, it just looks way more unpredictable and engaging.

if you haven't seen Gonz skate before, you can happily rejoice on youtube with many old clips to consume.
Prepared to be inspired by the original artist on wheels.


Thinking thinking about masks..... and a long drive.

exccited to finally see the latest Dan Askill Creation for These New Puritans.
Clip titled "we want war"
It is so very Askill in style and the helmet is also amazingly produced by Jordan Askill.

via. Dan the scout.


These are powers shot in Brooklyn, NY.
SJ for Snkr Frkr End of Year issue.

Lions at your door for Press Play project with Viktoria Ing.

This has been long over due but I have finally stopped avoiding the task.
Today I finally updated my folio with some recent shots I had done since NY.



I have started to post on ilikepartypeople again after a long lazy break.
To follow... just jump on happysnappy.tumblr for a bit of a browse to continue the party trail.
One of my new favourite bands.
And YES! I finally have their Album.
If you haven't had a chance to listen to these guys, you should definitely give it a go.
Hope you will enjoy it too
image via. High Snobiety
so my collection grows once again...
i got the wraps in white... thanks to Bowen for the heads up.

The last pair left in the little store was my size =)