Sharon Jones showed me a few moves

ummm so last night I got to dance with Sharon Jones?!

Crowds bopping to Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings..

Sharon was amazing on Stage

It was a wet and sweaty Sunday night, everyone was huddled under the Beck's festival bar tent.
The opening of the festival bar could have been more atmospheric if it wasn't for the rain, nonetheless the music was amazing. I got there a little late so I watched the mellow sounds produced by the Kid Confucius Frontman's side project called Ray Mann Three

I was keen to see Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, I have heard many amazing things about them.
It was a really amazing show until somehow I got pulled up on stage, it was the most awkward moment for me to start the year but I suppose the year is still young so there will be many more awkward times to come... I am pretty sure. =]

Me bowing after the song ended - thank god = S

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dk said...

good stuff dude!
I'll bet you were more gracious than the f&(kwit who came up and strutted his stuff before she kicked him off the stage on First Night in Hyde Park :)