Why now?

There are many things that I am very grateful for, such as being HK born x Aus raised and was not urged to work in the financial markets although if I had succumb to the traditional values my parents would have been extremely pleased.

However, given the current economic climate, I think my experimental take on being an unusual kid has proven to be a good choice after all, somewhat a blessing in disguise if you would call it that. I wouldn't call myself materialistic but I do enjoy comfort and fine designs, honestly though as a humble 23 year old I like most kids my age probably cannot afford to live upto the lifestyle I read in i-D and Dazed UK etc. Ironically a lot of creative souls that I admire (whom now rest comfortably in the pages of my fav mags and websites) had all shared humble beginnings, crashing on friend's couches and living the starving artist tales... so maybe there is something to look forward to after all?

A few days ago, I went to visit my friends who work at Assin and there I was introduced the last pair of Rick Owen Hi tops, it was kind of like love in first sight. The price was a bit of a set back and worst of all the shoe was just a tad too tight..... needless to say I was a bit disappointed and was about to give up a whole month's worth of going out and books and a few meals to get the shoes. YES it sounds extreme ... my priorities get a bit funny sometimes especially having read Thoreau's Walden, my feelings are often mixed with the principle of luxury goods.

I used to only wear Hedi Slimane but now that he is no longer at Dior, my stomach has been filled with a few more meals. I still have 2 loves at the moment but I am seriously trying to stay away from them for the sake of financial sensibility. If the financial markets decided to turn a sunny turn and bless with its fruits, I'd probably want to get these 2 items off my wish list.
Rick Owen Hi tops (I would prefer them in White) x Raf Simons Eastpak collabo backpack (pictured above)

I probably won't be getting these items anytime soon but I thought I'd blog about it so I don't forget when I have the disposable cash ready to be disposed or if any of my lovely friends who are feeling generous my birthday is in January 27 *wink wink* =']

ps. what is happening to Dior Homme these days? Teary me. oh dear!



There are bats in the sky!


Oh Lovers

I was out in the Cross over the weekend.
Trust me it was not a usual hang out and it always scares me to get to that fringe of town.
However, I did run into 2 old friends who happened to be dating.
The lovely Kimmie and Pat (who also shoots for Hobogestapo)

Since we haven't hug out in ages, after numerous group hugs, they invited me to candy's since Pat was due to shoot a few people inside.
I always have a funny idea of what love is, especially in a today's terms where twitter rules over blogs and facebook friendships means less than trading forex futures in the current finance conditions. Let's just say love is a term loosely applied.

From what I observed....this is what I gathered....
Love is going to a club you don't actually like because your boy is working
Love is getting free entry and bouncers know your name and offer you free drinks
Love is drinking Carlton draughts to cool off in the club, because they are free and they work to get you loose.
Love is subtle matching outfits that would keep people guessing whether you are lovers or just close friends
Love is sharing moments of ecstacy and not care about what is happening around you
Love is being there with each other no matter how sweaty the people are around you.


Manning Bar brings back memories

A few weekends ago.
I saw the Midnight Juggernauts at Manning bar as part of the Sounds in the Grounds festival, Van She and The Lost Valentinos also supported the festival line up, giving the night some serious reasons for dancing against the barricades.

Luckily I got to go in front of the barricades to avoid the sweaty mosh and it was a lot more relaxing chilling out the back too. It was an amazing night to see the Juggers playing a super tight set from all their Euro touring experience clearly paying off and Van She also done really well to get the crowd jumping.

Midnight Juggernauts


The Circle gets Bigger

My friend Jack plays in a band with his friend Angie, and they are "Circle Pit".
I saw them a few Thursdays ago, the band is currently playing with Atrocities so the stage is rather packed when they perform. They are a rad bunch of kids and their shows are full of energy and fun.

I took some new photos for Jack and Ange.
They remind me of the spirit of The Kills, which I adore, hopefully the photo translate that feeling too x


House parties are way more fun

Even when the party theme is a little bit questionable.
My friends were throwing a white supemacy as a joke (of course).
I was struggling for looks, so I revisited Larry Clark's 90s film "KIDS" which is pretty much the epitome of white street kid culture, it is not Hitler but the life of a kid in NYC is pretty confronting.

We took over little Riley St to have the shindig. It felt like half of the Surry hills ended up in the lane way...

Annie ended up taking me into Bandits.
It was a bad idea.... I was already so delirious when we all got kicked out of the house.
My mind felt like a non nonsensical art house film where the sequence of frames were out of whack to play with the chronology of the story and showing some level of character development. In reality, I should have just stayed away from Stephen's killer punch, mystery punch and house parties seems to going hand in hand these days and everytime I have been a sucker for the stuff and my memories are fading faster than you can count the demise of the global stock exchange.

Note: Mystery drinks are not a good idea and either is going to Bandits in 2am.


My life will never be the same again

This is kind of a dream come true.. If I got to go to Paris to see her retrospective photo show
I might feel like I had won the lottery or something of significance to most people.

Patti Smith is an Icon... a muse to many and cultural figure that has changed the lives of many young souls including my own. I was soooo stoked to be in the audience of her Sydney Opera House show. The performance is everything you'd expect and more, she was charismatic and her band is still tight as the records would have you believe.

It was a memorable night and I will never forget seeing Patti and her group treating the stage like it was another gig they'd play in the basement of New York or something less prestigious.
Speaking of which, I really want to re-make the boots she was wearing..... I wonder if they were Ann Demeulemeester's.


Ms Fitz x Tina Kalivas

Ms Fitz is many things to many people, DJ, stylist x dancer extraordinaire and so much more. To people who do not know her, she is just generally AWESOME so it is not surprise when she gets approached by Tiny Kalivas to collaborate on a book project for her next collection. The project is being managed by Mark Vassallo and Elvis Di Fazio will be assisting with putting the look book together.

While Ms Fitz will be responsible for designing by hand making all the accessories and designing the shoes. To keep an eye out for the project news - check out the Tina Kalivas website.... or if you are in Paris for Fashion week or travelling around Europe, you will be able to find a copy of the book there.... fun times!