I was dancing on my own in the dark...

The kids from Lions at your door invited me to their sosueme show @ Q bar for the Anzac day event. I also found out my mate is sharing a flat with Hayley from Chaingang, so that was well random.

Q bar is known for its dodgyness which is part of its charm.
Carlton long necks for $5. Enough said really.

The stage was probably the smallest thing ever.... especially for any band that has more than 3 members. There is always an exception to the rule, such as the Horrors where the size of each member is almost equivalent to a chopstick but they do rock some fresh clothes and their shows are pretty manic so I can live with that.

It was the first time I have seen the Chaingang.
My friend
Luke had taken portraits of them before and I hear that they are amazing live.
Apart from the fact that they sound awesome as a band.
I must say Hayley being the female front woman, certainly hold a show stopping presence upon the crowd. Her energy is nothing more than contagious, in fact I think I could have died by the Disco ball since one overly drunk dude was swinging the mic stand over his head subsequently causing minor disturbance during the interlude. Then he subsequently got ejected - tales such as this makes Q bar all the more memorable.

I didn't take many photos because I was basically too mesmerized and I really wanted to see how the band moves so next time I know what shots would work best.
If you have see them either, you MUST go check out their
myspace for their next gig!

Lions at your door shows a pretty chilled crowd how to dance.

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