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You just have to be a little bit mad really.....
to be in the fashion world

I ran into Alvin last Thursday in my drunken dazed state after wamp wamp before I ventured upto Health club. To be honest, I have no idea how I even managed to walk to health club, it was a little bit magical.
I first saw the
Saint Augustine Academy's collection on the Pedestrian DVD at their debut at LMFF. It was pretty exciting to see an Australian label doing something so different for men at the time. Their styling and silhouettes were definitely inspired by music and hedi slimane, which are both my favourite things in life - Hedi and Music. I sincerely appreciate what Alvin has done with the label, being its 9th season on the market and still going strong, I am sure we will see much more of SAA for years to come.

Here is a few photos from the night.

I was inspired and scared at the same time after having to witness the backstage action for Alvin and the team had to endure to put on a pretty smashing show on sunday.

This was a pretty funny moment: when the girls were bring the drinks to the VIP section from the bar, which they had to go through a sea of people before they reach the VIPs. The dude at the stairs was desperate for a taste of the high life and he reached out before his arm is crushed attempting to grab a VIP drink - I can't remember if he got the drink or not before security got a bit mad haha

Then the show begins...

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