3 cities for you

Thursday was a massive night.
Right after work, I had drop by the
Black and Blue Gallery for the Sao Paulo - New York - Japan photo exhibition.

The show was all about the cities on display but it was an interesting twist to the context of the photos. The photos were not all about the famous landmarks or icons per se, you do definitely see bits of it, especially for NY with madison square. However, for Sao Paulo and Japan, it was very much about what is not being shown that makes the photo that much more interesting to me personally.

All prints were large format photos, for the cityscape shots, they worked really really well and Sao Paulo definitely stood out more vividly to me. Since the visual landscape and subject matter was quite unusual to capture, while NY and Tokyo is more popular with most media channels and has received perhaps a bit too much coverage, so I was some what immune to the photographer's vision if you can call it that.

Overall, I was very impressed with the exhibition and I would definitely recommend any photo lover to check it out before it finishes.

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