Humble beginnings should begin at a Dirty Bar

I haven't been to the Excelsior Hotel in ages.
The first time I went there for my first live photo gig, it wasn't for fasterlouder or anything but ironically that is where it all began with where I am today on my music influences and appreciation of photography.

I went to high school with Chris and Josh, they were the boys that got me into punk and alternative music. They always played music and I did a band logo for them when I was in year9, purely by luck aka. Myspace that we got reunited through other school friends they had formed a new band called
Chris Duker and the Royals.
Here is one of the photos I first took of them.

Fast forward to May 2008. I have met loads of amazing bands since October last year and my photos have gotten a little finer through time, which is still a bit of a blur for me since I am such a novice who happens to like music and people a lot, so lucky has been good to me.

This is one of my favourite bands right now, they are
123 Amazing. Not just a catchy name, these kids are all really passionate and talented. I am super grateful that they have supported my ideas so often.
Here is a few shots of 123 Amazing oozing of nostalgia at the good old Excelsior hotel.

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