Peer Pressure is all too REAL...

This is my home @ 8.30am. That is what time I finished up with the gang for the last Bandits ever @ 77.

My legs were like jelly but this is what the sun looks like in the morning....it seems like it is all worth it once the sun rays hits me.

This post should have been published last week because it basically flushes my sobriety post down the drain...because I ended up getting pretty loose on that Friday even though I promised myself I should be sober for the benefit of my own health. Sadly my friends had other ideas for me.

I had every intention of having a quiet Friday because of my fragile state last week. My original plans were to go to 2 farewells and have a few quiet beers then get home to accumulate on some sleep.

Well as all good intentions go on a Friday night, my sleep didn't happen (again) and the night was blown out to a marathon event with a chance to see the sunrise from a little studio at Surry Hills.

My sobriety plan started to fall apart when I got a call from Ed, who was presenting his art installation opening called "Everything Went Black". Ed is a pretty good chap and I have always seen his shows at the
Heights gallery space. This show is based on a study of pop culture's use of super villains as a parody of social unrest. There were massive wall murals, projections against wooden panels and walls as well as a live installation drummer inside the cube display.

It was very dark and harshly lit red to emphasise the villainness vibe of the show.

I was actually very sober for most of the night, then I met up with Nick at the cross briefly before we all descended to 77 for the last Bandits ever at the basement club. It was somewhat sad but it is certainly not as crazy as I had anticipated.....loads of familiar faces turned up at the club and it was a massive party but something was missing....oh I was the most sober person there.

We hang around 77 probably till about 5am...then we decided to get away from the cold winds by escaping to Pat's studio space to drink so more and wait for the sun to come up.

The sun is up! Leon and Nick chilling by the window.

This is me walking through the surry early in the morning, where the streets are dead and winds are unforgiving.
The dude on the street is keeping himself warm by lighting a ciggie.
At times like that - smoking does not seem like such a stupid idea.

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