Seriously whoo knows...?

I got an invite from the somedays crew to visit the exhibition by young Artist Melissa White, it so happens that my good partying friend Mel knows her too. It was only down the road from my work so I could hardly refuse and I also think Owls are pretty fascinating subjects.

The show is called "WhoO knows honey". It was a pretty stellar turn out, it felt like the busiest show I have ever seen at the gallery.

In typical opening night fashion... people were all flooding onto the street with cups and cigs in hand, to escape the boiler room effect of the confined space. The girls behind the bar did exceptionally well to serve and handle the crowd though.

Mel's solo debut show came, after she won the Somedays Gallery artist competition.
The gallery walls were covered with loads of acrylics and illustration pieces, her works focus on the element of the unknown - the knowledgeable owl figure is subtly involved in each piece and it is a cheeky metaphor for showing a state of seemingly deep thought to one's questions with its inquisitive blank stare from its glowing eyes. It all comes back to the saying "Who knows?" perhaps with a shrug....

If you have time, do drop by the Somedays store to check out the works by Mel. It is just Awesomeness*

My friend introduced me to Mel White, the artist, we were chilling outside to get some air.

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