My Last Stand is not so pretty

Last stands are usually either positioned in a light of glory or dismay depending on the context of the story. As for me, my last stand has eventuated to a near collapse after too much socialising during and after a working week. Since I have adopted the philosophies.... practice makes perfect and what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, I have tragically realised how much pain my body is going to repay me with all the angst I had consumed over the past few weeks.

My body looks the same but my health is probably as low as it ever has been. My memory has been more blurry than ever. No joke! Sometimes, I go home - wake up and run through my photos….half of which I have no idea how they got on my computer.

Since work has been extremely busy, I have neglected my little blog.

The following is a recount of 2 weekends ago, prior to my chronic cold experience then inspired my sobriety post. (I wrote the post below – but never finished it so it was sitting as a draft*)

This is officially my last friday outing....for a while.
What normally starts out as a friendly evening can sometimes (in my case - Often) blow up to a massive unhealthy night filled with hugs and kisses not necessarily consciously to people I might or might not know. I know it sounds pretty atrocious and it ironically... often makes the night all the more memorable or if you push yourself to a certain point - - your memory just goes full blank and become unmemorable.

That is what happened to me on Friday, it was just a memory of broken thoughts ending in a blur.

After a few beers with the work mates.
I wanted to check out the
Mark Alsweiler show at China Heights. It was not as busy as I had anticipated, which was good. If you been to a packed show at heights, you realise 2 things very quickly. One is you will probably never get a drink by the time you reach the counter for your freebie and worst of all, the intent to appreciate the art on the walls is quickly diminished to non-existent.

My friend Nick really liked this piece and I think it is an interesting piece.
It is visually entertaining and the symbolism of the piece is also quite ironic, which I appreciate. If all else fails and this does not mean anything, you can at least say it is pretty good looking right?

I ended up seeing my friend's band, the
Jezabels at the Art factory. They were awesome as always, which is great since they are getting more and more recognition for their unique sounds and energetic performance.

After the Jezabels....my night was fast becoming a blur.
Judging by the photos, I am pretty sure it was a loose but entertaining night.

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