Some Good News at last!

All photos by Bill Henson - courtesy of
Roslyn Oxley9 gallery.

You might have heard Bill Henson has been getting a lot of media coverage about his latest exhibition at the Roslyn Oxley9 gallery last week. I was severely disappointed that the police had stopped the opening and threatened to press charges against Henson, because his work was deemed as child pornography. Today, the
news have changed a little from its initial reporting, which is a positive turn for the fine art community.

For those who have not seen Henson's previous work, don't let the media sway your opinion about this fine artist completely and I urge you to do some personal research before you conclude on your own judgement.

I have been told Roslyn Oxley9's website is finally back up and they have uploaded a few images from Henson's show. Due to legal reasons, some of his work had to be removed in order for the exhibition to be made public.

I was chatting to my friend K tonight when I opened my email with the great news.
This is how I felt after seeing Bill Henson's latest images.

jefske. says:
"The more I see his work.
The more i feel like he is a ghost - just observing thru his private eye and sharing his experiences with us (people who enjoy his exploration on the world around him)
His mood is certainly inquisitive and perhaps eery but that is just how he sees the world.
I mean compare to other photographers i admire and aspire to be. I think Henson's
work is quite honest and captured appropriately for this time of our lives.
It is comforting without being intrusive to our own lives."

The public is definitely going to miss out on his finer new works because the media has already branded him as the pornographer (misunderstood or mislabelled would be much more appropriate to accompany that title if they were to characterise him I think..)

Regardless of what everyone is saying, I still do believe his work is important to the photography and fine art community. You should definitely go check out his works in person before the show finishes at a gallery near you!


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