Awwww I am so proud.. like you have no idea.
I remember one night I was out and ran into Trish, Nat & Vi...this was a few weeks ago but this suddenly all came back to me this morning. The power of the subconscious at work, probably because I am reading BLINK at the mo.

We were all just chilling and was talking about what's news....Out of nowhere, Trish mentioned 123 Amazing got posted on PINGLEWOOD! To my excitement and disbelieve....I was just super stoked for the band.

This is some serious kudos to the band to make it on such an awesome music blog for all music loving nerds and cool kids around the globe.

GO 123! Oh and they used my photograph....I am experiencing so much joy, it is a bit painful but it is so good.

While I was talking to Katy yesterday, she also gave me a new Gem of a song from a fellow Manchester native and current Supermodel sensation
Aggy! I was reading the latest i-D magazine which is dedicated to her and according to the editors, this is a historic first. This is where I discovered, she can actually sing and genuinely sounds like a super cool chick.

Who said beauty is not skin deep? Oh British girls rock! Yesssss

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ro said...

Nice work man! Congrats!