Sobriety is a lonely road less travelled in my demo

This is not actually me but I really liked the photo. I felt that it described the sentiment really appropriately. photo by eganfrantz

I know.... I know the blog has been quiet this week.
Many of you may not have known unless you have been reading my blog from the very beginning.

I have been going out for about a solid month now. I am talking about out pretty much every week 5 nights in a row, often starting from Wednesday ending on a gig on Sunday night or possibly more alcohol induced social activities. Yes I do very much live on a life of excess after work hours, initially I thought it was no big deal since that is kind of a good excuse to relieve stress and socialise.

The whole partying ways have become somewhat of a normal expected weekly routine for me, my friends who are not accustomed to such a lifestyle might be in awe that I am still alive and functional.
I felt very much like the almighty as well.

Last Friday was a very fuzzy night, just to put it lightly, I saw a lot of people and did a lot of things my memory has not held dearly. It is probably just resting comfortably in my subconscious waiting to be unlocked, either way it was pretty much my downfall for all the partying I have welcomed with my shaky open arms.

The much anticipated illness had finally caught up to me this week. I have been bed ridden for the last 2 days missing out on work that I really shouldn't be taking lightly with looming deadlines ahead.

The only upside to this traumatic come down is that I realised I have hit a wall physically and mentally.
I have started to draw again and putting my ideas fon paper for my own label is rewarding even though it is only preliminary.

The thought of not drinking on a Wednesday night is also refreshing with no sore heads to wake up to the next day.

I am so determined to stay sober now, just for myself to be healthy and save the much needed capital to start making some clothing samples from my own designs while I get over to HK and Japan in July.
Yes - the pieces are falling together now....!

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Sam Granleese said...

Good man. Lay off the drink.