Tall Oaks by Reka....the lover of nature

Benny Ong had told me about the Reka show previously.

The opening night happened to be on the same day as V fest so I had to miss it but I was still keen to go check out his work on the following day and I did so just before I did the Lions at your door shoot.

It was a beautiful show, very simple yet sensual. The exhibition is called "Tall Oaks", judging by the name, you'd guess it was inspired by nature and after a walk about around the gallery. It is clear that Reka's work is heavily inspired by his love of nature and his graffiti character influences.

I had a brief chat with him, he was amazingly humble and approachable.
I was really disappointed that I didn't have a note pad to write a proper interview, but we had exchange details to resume future contact.

You can see some more of Reka's work on here

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