V Festival 08

I should have done this post a week ago but I have been out too much and got sick so here it is now.

V festival with its monster line up inevitably had numerous clashes throughout the day, but I was still psyched to go see the Smashing Pumpkins and Duran Duran. I had loads of friends who I bumped into randomly when I was jumping around to different stages to see a few bands.

It was a wicked day but slightly hectic.
Duran Duran and the pumpkins were worth the wait though.

More importantly having good friends at a festival just makes the day so much better!

It was Terry and Hu's birthday! Yay for the plastic palm tree.

Ciggies are essential for festivals according to many of my friends

Seeeee Nads just whipped one out

We would all struggle without alcohol for a day like this

I really wanted one of those red float lounge things....don't they look comfy?

Monique is my bodyguard at work....she has some serious guns that you don't want to mess with

The sunset was lovely if you can ignore the dudes without shirts on

The Reeveso and Natske - one of the cutest couple I know

Kids gone a bit wild when Queens of the Stone Age came up

The moment Duran Duran Rocked out was mindblowing

Kids gone wild to Duran Duran

I left my telescope lens at home so this is the best I could do

These girls I met through my friend Ali, who had spotted me in the Duran Duran crowd. The photos speak for themselves I think, if I had to name the series - I would probably call it "Festival girls gone wild"

For more photos, check out my dusty* photobucket
It is archived terribly - pre my flickr days...

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