Kids Today to a secret warehouse...

I was pretty adamant on not getting wasted on Friday, since I got sick and had some work to catch on over the weekend. When I got to the MTV Gallery.... to my dismay, there were some rough security guards blocking entry to the space like kids were waiting the Berlin wall to come down so they can claim their first free drink. It was just an insane spectacle where a massive pool of people were all trying to squeeze into the gallery at the same time.

I got lucky with a VIP badge but once everyone got inside, it was just a chaotic state with a seemingly endless supply of alcohol for consumption. I guess Semi Permanent has generated enough street cred for all the alcohol brands to partake in some serious sponsorship as a genuine return on their investment to be part of the so called "street art youth culture" ....if there is such a thing.

It was a fun night
nonetheless, I got to see a lot of friends throughout the night and the artworks were genuinely well presented so if you have a chance, drop by the gallery space to check it out for yourself.

After the gallery Nadia brought me to this warehouse party, where it was well tucked away in the back streets of the Surry. It was quite an unique experience and a very pleasant sobering end to the night.
I was in bed by 12. It was great!

Love Ariel is just awesome

My friends Joshie and Terry were well wasted. That is what happens when you let the media people run loose with endless supply of alcohol!

Kareena and Lang are super talented.

I can't remember the name of this band but they put on an amazing show at the warehouse.

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