Hot Fuss

Despite the miserable wetness of the week, I still managed to attend the opening of THISISCURATING1-40 last night at the First Draft Gallery.
It was expectedly packed and naturally steaming inside the gallery like most opening shows I suppose.

My friends Will and Nadia both were involved with this group show, so I really wanted to check it out for myself. Nadia had installed a really strong fragrance at the entry of the space but with the overcrowding.

I think the scent had missed me amongst the sweat infused alcohol crowd = S

Will is an artist who is currently experimenting with illustrations. From what I know of his work, his influences are graffiti (he used to do quite a lot as a kid and still scribbles every now and again) and more fine art as he is continuing to mature in his element. He constantly inspires me when I see his illustrative works.

If you got time, you should go check out the group show, there was a lot of interesting installations with video formats but due to the excess of people trying to move around and waiting for booze I could not possibly enjoy the content wholeheartedly. So I shall make a return sometime...possibly over the weeekend.

This photo really reminds me of Terry Richardson no?

I know some people might think this is pornographic or vogeuristic...but I think it is just art in the mind of the artist being something raw and inspiring like
Larry Clark's book "Tulsa" and his subsequent work in film and photography. It is real and disturbing but I find it really inspiring and thought provoking....seeing work of that nature being published and exhibited. I can't say I felt that connection with this photo but it just screams Terry's style to me.

A girl checking out Will's work.

2 Pieces by Will Pritchett.

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