I love my pockets

Denim is undoubtedly one of the best textile materials ever introduced to mankind.
From its inception for tough durable wear to the gold miners leading to the birth of Levi's now fast forward many years later, everyone has a bit of denim in their wardrobe whether you be a balling CEO or a scruffy skater.

Now the good folks at
Monster Children has teamed up with Lee to put on an amazing photography exhibition for everyone to enjoy the awesomeness denim has added to our lives.

If pictures are worth a thousand words and with 32 individually talented photographers.
That is one big number to register on anyone's mind.

So wait no longer.
Drop by the Monster Children gallery as soon as you can before the show ends, it will run alongside fashion week.

x Enjoy.

The show is an amazing collection of different perspectives on denim.

A photo by Andrew Cowen from the 5 Pockets catalogue.

Front cover of the catalogue by
Steven Chee

Thank you to Monster children and Lee for making this show happen.

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