[an:other]" Friday night

Work ended with a few peroni's. Courtesy of the team
Then moved off to Gaslight for some more team bonding.
People dashed off and I rolled down to Burton for a few more Carltons to visit the [an:other]" gang.
The night kicked off with a steady stream of regular customers and friends of the store.
When the Alcohol went low...the street party was winding down and the cops revisited again...

I got texted by Nads to come to Spectrum

So I dashed off to meet a few friends at Yves Klein Blue.
The show was v.poppy and fun.


By the time we step out of Spectrum, Max had stumbled down Oxford st with a grin.
Max had just turned 25 and the night kicked on fueled by Alcohol and cigs.
I crossed paths with numerous characters whom I see all too often at the wee hours of the night.

I crossed the street between the Brighton and factory way too many times....

Erin chilling - 2am

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