The Jezabels

The first time I seen these guys play was last year at the BRAG xmas party. I was shooting for Fasterlouder at the time I think, very sporadically....but I think from memory Fait Accompli was playing and they had invited me to watch them.

The Jezabels were amazing at the
BRAG party, their sound was truly captivating and their performance was blissful yet full of raw energy. I kind of kept on running into the band, when I go out so I got to know them socially. Fast forward to 2008, their manager had approached me to take some press profile shots for the band. I thought the opportunity was great, it was my first real band group shoot.

I found a spot nearby my work and the idea worked pretty well. I was stoked with the whole experience and after that, I just kept on getting more profile opps. = )

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