Yeezy madness

My mate Jules hooked this video up for me when we had coffee on Wednesday morning.
He just spent a few weeks in the states via route66 with his pops and this Yeezy madness had happened all over the world, The Yeezy Sydney Launch was pretty standard affairs held at Espionage @Darlinghurst.. Nothing too outrageous really,... pretty standard PR exercises were employed to build buzz around the shoe...exclusive release by Kanye - leak to blogs makes shoe attractive and lucky winners will get a chance to win the raffle = WIN for sneaker heads

Snobscrilla was also wearing a pair when I did a shoot with him, the Yeezy looked pretty cool but not really something I go crazy about (as Ash would say I would rather my dior homme minimal boots- amen Ash amen).... this clip by Kanye shows how the snkr frkrs can get in the US when the hype is all too much to handle.. The comments are just ridiculously hilarious =D

Waiting for Yeezys from kwest on Vimeo.

clip via. In my atmosphere

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