Hype + social chatter = new kicks

I don't get to check my feeds properly these days. So as a result, I find stuff like this. A reebok release that according to HypeBeast readers have been drawn comparison to the Yeezy's. I don't know the sneaker history well enough to comment but it is always interesting to see the comments on blogs about how kicks are perceived.

The Reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi 2009 is definitely a re-release for a 2009 exclusive push to the more fashion conscious crowds... so maybe that's why some kids think Reebok is biting Kanye. Either way, they are probably a little bit too Fresh for me to wear but interesting idea from Reebok.

I personally would prefer Juun J's collaboration with Reebok, if they were released again, I'd probably buy them.
Always nice to have a bit of a classic reinterpreted in one's wardrobe.

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