Amazed by Space

Graphic by Luke's Beard via ArmyofColour
Lately I have been really intrigued by anything space related. Perhaps it has been influenced by my diverse reading habits, zines - books - web feeds.... filling up my mind with all kinds of new ideas.
The diversity of colours in all the space images are so captivating. Reminds me of Jonathan Zawada's work for Tina Kalivas campaign a few seasons back.... and it is very Trust Fun! as welll aesthetically but I can definitely appreciate the intricacy of their prints a lot more now seeing all these new imagery from the interwebs.

Also if you don't know Zawada, you can check out some of his work @his website or read this interview by Jeff Burch for NowNow, it is really good!
The video from Myspace had been removed from open browsing which is annoying.... damn technology sometimes.

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