TK sounds like a cool dude

Followed up from my earlier post about my dilemma with the TK kicks.
My mate Shaun also a fellow skater/flash design extraordinaire reminded me of this video of Terry Kennedy talking about his shoe release on High Snobiety.
My Twitter feeds are getting out of control so I often miss out on good tweets, so thank you to all the peeps to bring me to the goodness via various channels on the interweb.

It is really interesting to hear Terry's ideas come to live with Supra, he has been a pro skater for a while and this shoe release sounds like a big project for him especially to the different groups of kids who are reaching out to get a pair, the sneaker culture never ceases to amaze me and how crazy some kids get.
Also his view on how reebok's ice cream skate range has influenced his view on the shoe release is also fascinating and Kanye's yeezy comparison was down right hilarious.
Oh I think I will go get a pair of the Supras now, a suede pair for skating and another pair of patents for chilling, thx Supra and TK!

video via complex

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