Debt Chic

Robert Montgomery is wearing damir doma. photo via.

In the light of the current state of economic outlook. I think it is important to Buy Less but Spend More.
This is my logic
... Well it maybe irrational but it certainly makes a lot more sense in my mind. I am so wary of going to any form of sale these days and there are plenty to go to. (thx to friends who work in PR - I love you all dearly) During sales.. my mind always tends to get ultra impulsive. It certainly feels like a perfect excuse to buy more 'shit' that I don't really need but feel the urge to buy. (damn you human nature)

Before I fly away I think I ought to just be a complete minimal hobo - that is wear more or less a uniform on a daily basis and just layer up so it looks slightly different but it really isn't to the trained eye.

I sincerely believe spend more on clothes will make one feel more at ease with their wardrobe and more importantly too broke to buy 'shit' that you don't really need.
By the time I arrive HERE I am sure I will be maddddd BROKE!

If you are into clothes too but don't like mediocre stuff, go jump on F-T store - they have some great labels too.

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