Where is the Web going to be?

The technology curiosity in me... always allows me to enjoy TED talks, whatever the topics maybe... they are usually very thought provoking. My friend alex just showed me this post which had a bit on Web 3.0. Where I found Lee Berners-Lee giving a talk at TED about the semantic web (data & the future of the web), basically the evolution of the Internet aka web 3.0 of what you want to call it.

There are some really interestng examples in the video, so if you are curious about technology and want to get some new ideas flowing in your head on how the Internet can evolve with us. Go click away, I promise it will be worth it.
ps. Lee is also a very smart dude, he is known to be the creator of the World Wide Web, so he definitely knows a thing or 2 about the web.

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