Nike Knows how to sell shit

I say that in a completely non jaded way.

So many brands try to be innovative and stay "cool" but lack the budget or courage to do something that people will actually care and talk about e.g. like I am now, I am obviously not paid by Nike to do this writing but for people who know or read my posts, they would probably know I really like unique sneakers (not all kinds, mostly Nike SBs that look good and skate functional) and of course skateboards.

The Nike SB Debacle film is now available for download/live stream for a month before the world wide release on DVD.

The genius thing is, the film is so chaotic that it is pretty much a perfect way for the new generation of Nike skaters and the skater heads on the web are all over it. Try to google it and you will see so many posts about the film already and it was officially launched yesterday.

The most entertaining thing for me when I watched it .....the footage has a lot of debacle (appropriate enough) - the end credits actually reveal, no real property was actually damaged so it was all part of the film, which is pretty sweet. The quality of the shots are really like a movie production from the multiple angles to the editting, it is a super tight film and be sure to WATCH IT BEFORE time runs OUT!!!!

Enjoy x

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