SHOWstudio is Heaven

I love my Internet... because you can where and essentially who you want to be.
It is very much about what you want, the whole communication process is largely interactive rather just passive consumption say with Radio and TV. The web has become so much more open, you can even contribute to what you enjoy doing, which is what a bunch of working artists started doing and it became SHOWstudio.

SHOWstudio is a bit of Heaven of Creative Genius hang out.
For the creative hungry aspiring artist kinds, it is a surely a name that you would have come across whether through word of mouth or a friendly blog that you have happened to stumble across. I first came across the website through my love of Nick Knight but the content and contributors have grown considerably since my first encounter. I can't believe I never went on to the SHOWstudio Youtube channel until I saw the Gareth Pugh 09 presentation, which I think is the future of runway in one form or another, whether it will take over entire the industry. only time will tell...

I am still doubtful since the glamour element in the press would be totally absent where the sponsors would not be so pleased with their PR dollars going down the drain if the shows were to be entirely produced in digital format. But in the context of the current economic climate, I think Pugh has paved the way for a new generation of artists and designers to present their work in a totally creative and new format that Fashion has not yet seen with the fusion of film and art driving the interpretation of a collection.

Whatever the future may hold, I think the Internet will pave the way in how people communicate and get ideas from each other. Looking at the progess of SHOWstudio - various peeps working on special projects. The virtual studio concept is definitely a pretty attractive option to work and stay fresh with what is going on around you all within a few clicks.

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