An oldie but a goodie...

Lately I have just been flicking over some old mags and Matt Irwin will usually pop up over a photot that I really like.
I got to know his work quite well from reading Dazed UK.
He produced this short film for Armani Exchange a while ago (it was a pretty nice idea for a store opening to promote the brand's affiliation to pretty young things that may or may not wear the actual label)... regardless of the commercial affiliations, the video is rad because it was on super8, people are not talking and the clip is laced with a killer track.

It is probably one of the most enjoyable brand funded pieces that has circulated the web over and over at least in small circles of media that like this kind of look and sound. I really like Matt's idea for the piece.... you can read a bit more about it.

Track by damn arms - i second that emotion

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