Interview x Supreme

I don't really like the whole streetwear look, it is a bit over the top for me.
I don't really understand the idea of "Fresh" labels and it is probably just a little unusual if you were to be head to toe in Dior Homme or Rick Owens for the sake of having a look. I personally prefer to dress in moods rather than have one preference of buying clothes, more importantly I believe in quality.

Supreme is a label that I really do admire for its origins. From humble beginnings the label have differentiated against other commercial driven skate brands and defined their own look which has inspired countless other labels to follow their path in design to support its own culture that span from Skateboarding to fine art.

I came across this interview piece on James Jebbia from Supreme on Interview Mag. It is quite good and gives you a nice insight to how the label got started and how the label has evolved over the years especially with their choice in artist collaborations.

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