No Art No Art

One of the best live shows I have seen in a while
No Art is a brand new band and they are pretty amazing.
I got to know Trish and Viv through 123 Amazing (RIP) but thankfully No Art has become a new permanent project for the talented kids and Charles is the new amazing drummer to finish off this beautiful new formation of sounds.
They remind me of the post punk sounds of SonicYouth with a touch of romanticism that is still a little 123 amazing but more soothing.... their demos on Myspace does not do them justice compare to their live shows. I was really blown away from their first live show @ the art factory 2 weeks ago.

keep an eye for this band, there are many bright and exciting things to come from them I am sure.

If you liked their sound on Myspace, you can catch them at the My Filthy Riot Festival @ the Annandale Hotel this Sunday 22nd March..

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