RVCA x Wasson world domination

RVCA & Erin Wasson has been collaborating on a signature range.
For all intents and purposes, it is a pretty sweet fit.
It gives the original streetwear label some of Wasson's modelling charms and girls can't get enough of it.

I am not really a fan of non designer fashion mash ups but I think the simplicity of this partnership just works beautifully and the look of the pieces are still very RVCA-esque with a touch of Wasson's sensibilities.
The photos of the looks were taken by
Kenneth Cappello.
I love how he didn't even use any flash units to style the shoot, he went raw guerrilla style - with an external hot shoe and snap away against a blank wall in a house of course.
You can enjoy the video of the behind the scenes footage of the shoot. x

Erin Wasson x RVCA • Fall 09 Collection from RVCA on Vimeo.


mufti said...

i think the line is really average. the lightening bolt stuff looks way too quicksilver and rest just looks like she's spent too much time with alexander wang..

jefske said...

yeah totally but i guess you are really not buying the clothes for the brand but more for her personality. It is very alex wang though admittedly but it works for her fans.

mufti said...

p.s. it is eden!!! i'll link you.. i gotta start blogging as part of my education as a "journalism student" ha.