Friday is not all about the Horror

If you got a free hour or so before Dinner.
Pop into China Heights for a beer or 2 for
Mike O'Mealley's solo show
I saw Mike at Semi Permanent a few years ago, his photos are really good. I think I was just starting to shoot then, I remember the kids went nuts when he was throwing all the free skate merch into the crowd inside the dome.
He also contributes to Monster Children, he was the photo editor there once upon a time... I haven't read the zine in a while so I can't be entirely sure, if that is still the case.
Anyway his new solo show looks rad and I love black and white shots so I am sure there be some good snaps for me to check out.
There are also limited edition books and prints on sale on the night, so don't miss out come E A R L Y!

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