Leaving is always easier than getting there...

This is a much belated post.
Last weekend I went away to Playground weekender with the Lion kids.
They were playing on Friday night.
We were all super excited until we each got to the ferry, it turned out the ferry broke down and the parking and roads were pure chaos... to make matters worst, it was hell hot (probably somewhere in the 30s) and the band was scheduled to play in exactly 90mins. That was probably the longest 90 minutes we had all endured, I got rescued by Dexter while he is trying desperately to get the massive 4WD with a lot of gear and camping gear across to the campsite. The volunteers were no help and they had no walkie talkies so some performers scheduled before Lions just gave up and got wasted instead (never made it to their set on the other side)

Lions At Your Door

Luckily, we had all made it with the help of some event promoters in just the nick of time.... it was a great show and we all celebrated with loads of drinks and danced to the other bands on the night and bumped into a lot of familiar faces.

Fait Accompli

The Protectors

It was also Mickey's birthday that week, so we were all chilling out.
She was infatuated with making bubbles on Saturday while I was dying under the tree...

Photo by Ary
Happy Birthday Mickey!!

It was so hot on Saturday, it felt like the sun was never going to go down and I couldn't handle the humidity and the proud naked crowds... it just felt way too surreal and I was delirious. I had to leave early and having to give up Crystal Castles and Cold War Kids *sigh*... I think I am not doing any more camping festivals especially in summer.

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