One hell cool lady

This is one of the best interviews I had come across in ages. Thanks to Jeff Soto for putting it together and again Fecal Face never fails me to get me some amazing pieces to amuse me and get me to know a little bit more about the US art scene. It is just full of dope studios and artists that I have not heard of (or some times just a nice little studio visits with artists that have gone M.I.A for a little while that has slipped away from my subconscious) Marsea Goldberg is the founder and curator of the legendary NEW IMAGE ART gallery.

I haven't yet been to the space YET but I have read lots about it through various mags and of course blogs. I first came across it from Monster Children and later RVCA ANP Quarterly mag. Both really good sources of news for me to unwind to. The Fecal face interview is really dope, it gives you an insight into how Marisa got started, it is more like an accidental career some might say but it just sounds like a natural fit into how things have worked out especially when she first started out in a humble little space. I totally dig her attitude of doing it to support her friends and if it all else fails, it will still be one rad party.

Anyway, to enjoy some nice history of the LA art scene and amazing stories, check out the Interview now!
O as a side not - in the interview Marsea is actually referring to Jack Kerouac's On the Road - Not John Kerouac - that was a typo (just in case you wanted to get that book!)

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