Those kids you see around town

I have been meaning to see SnobScrilla for ages now. The very first time I saw them was at my friend's store - the Annual Another" Block party where people were rampant, drunk, happy, drunk then Cops would come surprised and Ritchie will try to brush them off but the amount of drunk people on Burton st is just not a easy sell to the police that it is a friendly happy party. Anyway, it was an amazing night as always with those kids, so loose but if it wasn't for my camera I'd probably not have too much of a recollection.

At times I feel like Guy Pierce in Momento and I really should stop drinking but by the time I make that commitment, the weekend is already here and my detoxing phase was somewhat of a mixed success story, I was feeling super heavy but mad anti social (at least my friends would say) then last week when the booze touched my lips I was more delirious than ever!

My friends said they have never seen me like that before and it was amazing. I correct them in the saying, it was the detox that had me my reunion with alcohol all the more spectacular.

Anyway, tonight I stumbled acrossed a tiny URL that had coincidentally led me to the Snobscrilla's new tracks. Aww it is nice to get a little unexpected trip to go down memory lane and looking at some old pixxx. You will probably see the Snobscrilla gang back in town real soon and after listening to the tracks, I definitely don't want to miss anymore shows and just get looooooose with them all !!!

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